The most exciting site in the Trebizat area is Kravice waterfall, located 3 kilometres downstream from Vitaljina in Studenci near Ljubuski. The river Trebizat made it and it is considered as a natural phenomenon and protected by the state. The height of the waterfall is 26-28 metres with the water amphitheatre under the waterfall diametre 120 metres. You can see all kinds of weeds, moss up to the top the waterfall.

In the old times next to the waterfall there were many water mills, and stamping mills for making broad cloth. The most important things for making the waterfall are, different kinds f rocks which are created in water, the chalk is constantly made and it rises and makes barriers making the waterfalls (next to the river Trebizat those kind of waterfalls make rivers Pliva and Krka).

Chalk is characteristic for Karst and rivers rich with calcium carbonate CaCO3. It is interesting to mention that bussines men Jelic and Srincic in 1905 made a request to the Austrian-Hungarian government to gain ownership over the Kravice waterfall, so they can build a factory for manufacturing cotton and jute. Another spring is very interesting to see and tat is of river Studencica tributary of Trebizat.