Mostar, is a political, financial and cultural centre of the canton and it is located in the bottom of the mountains Velez, Hum and Cabulja, in the Neretva valley 60-80 metres above sea level. For centuries Mostar has been on the cross-roads of different civilisations, and each one of those has given its contribution and made Mostar so special.

It is a city full of sun, green trees and warm mediterranian climate, with its long hot summers. Mostar is 60 kilometres away from the sea and around it there are unique and diffeent cultural-historical monuments which are proof of life even from the ancient times.

Mostar has got its own complete infrastructure, road and railroad traffic, which goes fron the north towards south- Mediterranian Sea, and it has got modern airport.

The name city of Mostar is mentioned for the first time in the documents which date from1492.There are two explanation of the origin of the name Mostar. Mostar has got its name by "mostari", the bridge keepers, and by the two towers which the people called "mostare".

The camp is opened throughout entire year! The city grew and developed and soon it became the center of Herzegovina. Even before 1592 mostar was the head of "muftija" (the head of the Muslim community), and from 1767 the seat of the ortodox and catholic heads. The rivers Neretva and Radobolja flow through Mostar and in its surrounding there are Drezanjka, Buna, Bunica, and Jasenica.