Počitelj, a small town situated along the M-17 highway Sarajevo-Mostar-Čapljina, 3 km north of Čapljina. The pleasant settlement is located below the high cliffs above Neretva river, dominated by the medieval defense fortresses. Počitelj is predominantly characterized by Oriental construction styles, the Mediterranean style blend of which give this town a special dimension. It probably existed even before, but Počitelj is mentioned for the first time in writing in 1444 as the seat of the parish.

Over the coming period, the Hungarian-Croatian king Matijaš Korvin, together with the local nobility, made Počitelj a fortress for the purpose of defending himself from the Turkish attack. A significant financial contribution came from the Republic of Ragusa, which, among other things, also financed the construction of the bridge on Neretva. The Ottomans conquered Počitelj in 1471 and it soon became the seat of the administrative unit kapetanija. With the conquest of Gabela by the Venetians in 1694, Počitelj takes on the role of the border center that Gabela used to be and keeps it until the 19th century.

When it comes to important buildings, it is important to mention Hadji-Alijina mosque dating back to the first half of the 16th century, which dominates the town, the Šišman-Ibrahin Pasha madrassa (school) with original copper domes. The clock tower from the 17th century and the hamam (public bath) also have a prominent position. Next to the hamam, there was also a han – a resting point for caravans, which is currently being renovated and which used to be a well-known restaurant. The Gavran Kapetanovića houses were the venue of one of the first art colonies in Southeast Europe in 1964.

The art colony is still there and it is open for visitors every day. The colony collection, which contains approximately 2 000 artworks, is continuously exhibited at the gallery. The colony is also the venue of poetry evenings and similar events.Počitelj is also the venue of the tourism event called Trešnjava nedjelja, which is held on the first weekend of June. In January 2003, the historic part of town of Počitelj was proclaimed a national monument of Bosnia and Herzegovina. In 2007, Počitelj submitted an application for the UNESCO world heritage list.